2013 begins…

I took this picture whilst on holiday watching the wagtail innocently hop around my garden and scavenge the pond for food.
It made me think for a while of all those less fortunate than myself, all the fighting in the world, the starvation and general suffering of so many. Yet there was I tucked up in a warm house with enough food to feed an army, with family and friends who are to be treasured.
As I watched this innocent little bird fly off  to the horizon, it made me look up and start thinking of the year ahead as so many readers will also be doing.
Its made me wonder what my fear and anxiety over the New Year is all about? I guess it’s that next step into unknown territory, where like so many others I am as good as my next job.
The truth of success of course for all of us is having confidence in what we have already achieved, add to that the lessons of last year and hey presto you’re bound to come out with flying colours in 2013!
So here’s to every bodies success in 2013 and you always know where you can find a coach to support your thinknig and journey if you get a bit stuck en route