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"My reasons for recommending Lesley are based on the evidence produced from the sessions I have had with her. Improved efficiency on a personal level. Improved management and organizational efficiency as a result of investing thinking time into key decisions. Lesley has a natural ability to distil out key issues which is rare and she combined this with an intuitive approach. It is a compelling Coaching offer."

Director, Underwriting Agency

'Lesley's coaching methods are focused on bringing results and her sessions are challenging but extremely rewarding. Senior leaders need to be sure that any coach will understand their context but equally that this is not used as a reason for lack of action. Lesley understands the demands made on leaders but insists on them committing to change their practices where this is needed. Leadership is a stressful job and Lesley provides an oasis of calm and an excellent atmosphere in which to discuss problems and solutions."

Academy Executive Principal