1-1 Supervision Clients

My coach, mentor coach and emerging coach supervisor philosophy is grounded with the notion of connecting doors and rooms. Each room is clean and has a clear and distinct space, yet a commonality – a coach, a mentor coach and a coach supervisor (me). Each room also has a ‘client’. The key to stepping through each of the doors and being present in each of the rooms is the quality of the relationship on the inside, which allows the right work to be done in the safety of the right room with the right coaching relationship.

First, my supervision philosophy sits with the belief that coach supervision should be treated as a profession, albeit one that’s not yet regulated. On that basis, I believe I must take my supervision practice very seriously. I have clearly signed up to the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies and the ICF ethical framework. In doing that, I believe the ICF has defined a set of principles that, when honoured, ensure that I as coach, mentor coach or supervisor am as safe as possible for my clients.

I believe in role modelling best practices so, I have a coach, a supervisor and a mentor coach. I take part in continuous education to ensure that I live up to my beliefs, and externally validate my coaching, mentor coaching and supervision practice.

On a simplistic level I have constructed my company logo (Figure 1); a green button with a tree on it around some important principles, which, I believe feed the values of my coaching, mentor coaching and supervision practice. These are a green button representing the NSPCC and its values; green for ‘growth nurturing and support’; green ‘good to go’, green ‘action orientated’; a green organisation which is ‘corporately responsible, ethical and charitable’ in its approach. These serve as a good reminder to me about the importance of my work and my core values.



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