Clinical / Non Clinical Leadership

Rook Tree Business Solutions Ltd can confirm its ability to provide advice and expertise in designing a variety of leadership development interventions. For large group blended development programmes Rook Tree delivers through Associateships. For small group set work, masterclasses, bespoke interventions and other development requirements Rook Tree Business Solutions expertly designs and delivers using inhouse resources and expertise.

Choice of methodology1: Robert Dilts Neurological levels from NLP

Application:Rook Tree actively engage with this framework because it allows the introduction of thinking for individuals, teams and organisations at different levels. In doing so, various other theories and models can be effectively introduced as the individual, team and organisation open up to broader thinking. The beauty of this framework is that it enables challenge at different observable levels.

Reservations: The theory of NLP isn’t strongly evidence based and not liked by all. However, carefully selected aspects of it in our experience open up significant understanding and shift.

Purpose, Mission and Vision   The link between, good leadership and positive impacts on patient care.

Leadership that emphasises care for staff and high-quality support services.

Satisfied, loyal, productive and engaged employees.

High-quality, compassionate care.

Valued care services and patient satisfaction.

Successful healthcare organisations and a highly regarded service.

Identity I Coaching techniques.

Mindful and compassionate leadership.


Intelligent conversations.

Transactional analysis – Adult ego states.

Time to think – Nancy Kline.

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown.

Beliefs and Values Can To challenge what we hear going on in the individual, team or system.
Capability and Skills Do Educational theories, learning cycles, reflective practice.

Experiential learning – learn by doing.

Thinktank(s) commentary and other thought leaders.

Literature base.

Intelligent conversations.

Relational adult learning.

Change theory.

Risk strategies.

Behaviour That To challenge what we see going on in the individual, team or system.
Environment and Context & System Here The target group, their place in the system and the defined need/outcome.

Distributed leadership.

Francis, Berwick, Keogh  Michael West.


NHS & Social Care System – National, Regional, Local.

Healthcare Leadership Model.





Choice of methodology 2: Coach Supervision – the supervision triangle


Application: Rook Tree wholeheartedly support the use of this model for building relational educational interventions, which pay equal attention to supporting the individual, challenging professional behaviour and capability and encouraging development and stretch beyond what is already known.

Reservations: None, this model supports adults learning in relationship and taking equal responsibility for their outcomes.

Choice of methodology 3: Transactional Analysis

Application: Some aspects of TA are very powerful in the learning environment. Understanding ego states, dramas, rackets and games all aid understanding which help individuals relate to their responses to situations and thereby also enables them to choose different responses.

Reservations: TA comes from the therapeutic world and there is a balance that must be struck with its application in the context of this Leadership framework of delivery. Only ‘enough’ theory needs delivering to aid understanding and shift. Deeper learning is signposted to experts in the therapeutic field.