Dave Brailsford – The Transformational Coaching Leader

Vikram Banerjee is the Insight Delivery Manager at Footdown.com, we found that his interview with Sir Dave Brailsford on the role and impact of the coach offered an insightful perspective.
“In a year that has blown the lid off the murky goings on inside the world of 1990s cycling, led by the new sporting demon – Lance Armstrong, my next nominee for the greatest sports leader is the one man that has emerged as the undisputed leader in cycling’s post-Armstrong future – Sir Dave Brailsford. Under his guidance as Performance Director, he has led the British cycling team to numerous outstanding achievements at three successive Olympic Games – Athens, Beijing and most recently London 2012.
While there were other factors involved in the changed fortunes of British Cycling – such as shrewd targeting of resources and technological developments, both of which are also relevant to business leaders everywhere – perhaps the most important idea that Brailsford brought to cycling was his coaching style of leadership. This is a theory that Peter Hawkins, author of Leadership Team Coaching, says brings about change in a way that engages the hearts and minds of both team members and key stakeholders.”
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