Leadership Team Coaching

We get asked to review and endorse quite a lot of training programmes here at Rook Tree Coaching and to be frank, some of them don’t hit our mark, so it’s great to be able to share one that does.  The Ultimate Team Coaching Programme by Lynn Scott is designed for those coaches who

  • Would love to coach leadership teams and add leadership team coaching to their business model – but who are not quite sure how or where to start?
  • Want to have a reliable revenue stream, add more value to the organisations they work with and have more impact as a coach?
  • Want a clear model, process and framework to help deliver successful team coaching interventions?
  • Are worried about working with highly challenging leadership teams and wondering how they will manage themselves, manage them and manage the process?
  • Would like some tried and tested templates and frameworks to help with everything from producing successful proposals to delivering feedback to teams?

More information can be found at www.http://ww.lynnscottcoaching.co.uk