See what happens with the right coaching!

Here at Rook Tree we love a bit of sport… well, we love a lot of sport.
We might be focused on business performance, but all teams and individuals compete for productivity, their own or their team. That’s how we can help.   Our Executive Coach’s coaching philosophy centres on her belief in human ability to achieve. Her gentle philosophy does not lack a formidable bite and tenacity when it comes to delivering results through thought provoking questions and pushing clients for peak performance. Lesley believes in the ‘conscious competence’ learning theory, in that; achieving is a journey and if one can move from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence, then one can achieve the goals you set yourself – even gold ones!  She believes that if a client begins to understand their own actions, then they can start to make choices about them. For Lesley, coaching honours the client through the power of proactive listening and a pragmatic and productive conversation based on vision, goals, truth and action.
And just look what happens with the right coaching…