We work with individuals, teams and organisations (private, public and voluntary sectors) to provide the following range of services:

Executive Coaching

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development defines coaching as “developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives.” At Rook Tree, we like to remove the word ‘hopefully’ from that definition. Our approach focuses on successfully combining individual effectiveness with team effectiveness and organisational effectiveness leading to improved outcomes for all concerned. Through our professionally accredited coaching, Rook Tree will always provide the next question that will help take you to the answer.

Why Coaching Works


In addition to our core service of coaching, we offer a number of complementary services including workplace mentoring – guiding and supporting employees to enhance their professional development and leading to greater empowerment. See our ‘Coaching FAQs’ section for more information on the important differences between coaching and mentoring.

Leadership and Development Training

With a strong emphasis on personal development and fulfilling personal potential, we can provide one-to-one or group training programmes on leadership and development. Our work is focused on realising the benefits of effective leadership with corresponding productivity gains for teams and organisations.

Motivational Interviewing

Is being championed by Rook Tree to encourage the use of this evidence based coaching techniques in more clinical settings and across a wider range of health and other managerial situations where a change in behaviour, performance or culture is needed to bring about real benefits. Our success with motivational interviewing is delivered through asking open-ended questions, engaging in collaborative and evocative discussions with our coachee, to identify, motivate and commit to a specific change in behaviour to achieve a desired outcome. Motivational Interviewing is not coercive, threatening or imposing. It is person-centred and goal-oriented. It is trust built on rapport.

Business Consultation

We offer a general business consultation service, underpinned by our coaching methodology, to help clients overcome challenging corporate operational and strategic issues. Working in partnership, we can provide the necessary external and impartial support to enable businesses to break-through the road blocks to success.

Programme Management

With a track record of successful programme management over a number of years, Rook Tree can advise organisations on approaches to programme management (and project management) or take on responsibility for delivery of a specific programme for a client.

Change Management

Rook Tree managing director Lesley Cave has considerable experience of working within the NHS, an area of the public sector which has been subject to a considerable number of change management programmes in past decades. Lesley is able to use that wealth of experience and insights gained into advising and supporting clients on their change management or transformational programmes.

Interim Placements

All Rook Tree services can be supplied in a style, format and duration to suit the individual requirements of the customer. We can even support interim placements in response to specific in-house needs.

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