So what has mindfulness got to do with leadership?

Quite a lot as it turns out

Here at Rook Tree we are grounded in the health sector.  You will find reference to our relationship with it throughout our website; because of this and our various other health consulting, interim and training roles we keep a keen eye on the opinion formers and evidence gatherers, and there is none more influential than The Kings Fund.

The Kings Fund has developed an innovative, evidence based programme for those leading in complex systems and uncertain environments.  The Kings Fund cites an increasing body of evidence suggesting that “mindful practice, i.e. paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement, to things as they are (Jon Kabat Zinn), can have a significant impact on key leadership qualities, including clarity, curiosity, courage, creativity and working with conflict.” Isn’t that just what our coaching practice is all about?  Would the leaders we coach benefit from training as well as coaching in this space?  Would we?

The residential six-day programme, spread over four months integrates mindfulness practices with current and future approaches to leadership practices. New skills will be put into practice in between sessions and, working in small groups and with one-to-one support, focus will be on the real work-based situations that we all encounter.

We commend this course and the skills and awareness it will bring, particularly

  • enhancing attention and concentration
  • increasing creativity and flexibility
  • working capably in complex systems and uncertain environments
  • creating meaning and purpose
  • making effective and balanced decisions
  • responding effectively to difference and conflict
  • acting with compassion and kindness
  • enhancing relationships and partnerships
  • enabling authenticity and courageous action
  • working ethically and wisely
  • developing cultural intelligence.

If you would like to know more about this programme, you will find details on The Kings Fund website at
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