Top 10 ways to manage conflict in the workplace

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 17.38.31Here at Rook Tree we love it when we find like-minded thinking. Here’s our latest find. We love this Institute of Directors advice especially as it mirrors advice and services that our Executive Coach, Lesley Cave, already delivers.
Lesley has a passion for people and through mediation believes that work place disputes can be resolved through supported, honest discussion. Through her wide experiences she fully understands how systems work and organisations’ need for productivity, yet also knows its people and their relationships that deliver it. Being heard and truly valued in a non-judgmental environment are the key to starting to resolve complex disputes.
Lesley led a number of high profile investigations across the public sector. She is particularly interested in systems management and complexity, meaning that she is usefully able to deploy her skills with an eye for detail. A natural completer finisher, Lesley is diligent in framing terms of reference at the outset to ensure objectives are delivered.
Lesley can mediate and coach personally or by electronic means, individually or in teams.