Rook Tree's philosophy

Rook Tree's work is underpinned by our belief in people, their values, their growth, their work and their underpinning relationships. Here at Rook Tree we believe it is these relationships that support ambition and successful change. You will find as you work with Rook Tree in any of our contexts that the underpinning relationship is a key part of our work, its impact and your success.

Rook Tree Coaching Services

Rook Tree specialise in various coaching activities. Two types of client access these services.

  1. Those who want coaching, and
  2. Coaches wanting to develop their skills and expertise as a coach or indeed start their career as a coach.

Rook Tree has a blend of Individual, group and team orientated coaching available.

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Rook Tree Consulting

Rook Tree deploys across a number of disciplines providing highly experienced consultants into Non Executive, Director and Senior interim roles. Rook Tree specialises in organisational development and has a strong record in systems development.

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Rook Tree Careers

Rook Tree has a track record of success in providing a variety of activities that support career progression. Many of Rook Tree's clients have immediate success in securing their new role, with some moving on in quick succession to ever more senior roles. To achieve this level of success Rook Tree deploys a range of activities that underpin thoughtful Management & Leadership allowing clients to focus on their own behaviours, communication and productivity, including consideration of how each of these apply in more senior roles.

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Connect with us

Lesley coached and mentored me recently as part of my own process of continuously developing as a coach. I wanted to review the coaching competencies and deepen my understanding and connection to them. At this time I was also preparing my submission for my coaching re-accreditation and so I wanted to use some of our sessions to think through my learning experiences from the last 3 years and decide which I wanted to submit that were relevant to my coaching practice. Lesley is a great partner and so the structure and environment we created together made our sessions enjoyable and authentic for us both. Because of Lesley's values and positive intent, I knew I could be at my most creative and open to how my thinking, feeling and behaviours were developing and also where I was getting stuck. I found Lesley's insightful, appropriately challenging questions and observations really helped me get clearer on the areas that I am developing further and, importantly for me, recognise where I have now developed more instinctive coaching behaviours and where my internal process is quietening as a result. I would recommend Lesley to anyone committed to making change. Her coaching and mentoring will enable you to make it stick.

Annette Turner Learning & Development Consultant