Executive Coaching


Have you been operating ‘c suite’ or board room for a while?

Are you stepping into the ‘c suite’ or board room for the first time?

Have you got aspirations to be stepping into the ‘c suite’ or board room?

Are you a Non-Executive Director or Trustee?

Are you a millennial on a journey?




Have you been challenged by establishing:

Clarity of purpose roles and behaviours?

Leadership and strategic direction?


Effective external relationship management?

Effective internal relationship management?

Systems, structures, Organisational value?

Challenges on delivery of agreed outcomes?

Risk & Compliance?

‘Lesley’s excellent coaching style challenged me and supported me as I steered my way through the minefield of leading a new organisation. Lesley has a wonderful range of tools and skills which she uses to great effect and I am tired at the end of a coaching session because I am made to think because ‘easy’ (lazy) solutions are always challenged. Lesley’s skill means that I analyse the options around issues and one of my favourite parts of a coaching session is when the rain clears and I can suddenly see the road ahead. I would recommend Lesley as a coach to anybody in a leadership position and to anyone who needs clarity over strategy or an aspect of their work which needs to be explored in a safe but rigorous environment’.

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