Performance Coaching

Are you looking to leverage performance advantage?

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From the team?

From yourself?

From a team member?

Has ‘stuff’ happened?


‘I have worked with Lesley because of a fairly serious stress/anxiety episode that highlighted an ongoing condition. The symptoms were both mental and physical. Lesley has worked with me, as a compassionate listener, a thoughtful and sophisticated challenger to deliver methods and tools that I can utilise personally to drive behavioural adjustment and to work on external changes to bring better life opportunities into my “world”.

Lesley has been non-judgemental, has ensured very skilfully that I resolve my issues and drive the changes myself. Her open, thoughtful and highly perceptive coaching sessions have been a revelation, allowing me to look at all the influences within my life that led me to the point that I reached where I could no longer function. Most importantly, she has let me to re-appraise, feel good about myself and has been critical in allowing me to re-engage with the world of business’. Business Development Lead

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