Open Space Exploration: Tue, June 16, 2020

Open Space Exploration - Updated ICF Competencies

This is an opportunity to come and play with the Updated ICF Competency Model in a safe, fun and informal learning setting.

Following the description of the new ICF competencies and ethics framework that was published in October 2019. We have designed a series of workshops for coaches to join us to explore what the new competencies mean to the shape of our daily work as coaches.

We are convinced that as the world recovers from the ravages of Covid-19 the coaching profession has to be ready to contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of organisations and communities and so are offering a programme of 12 Open Space Conversations from April through to July. At each session we will form small, focused groups who will choose to explore and build understanding of the newly defined competencies through questions that they will co-create. We will then ask each group to bring back their key insights from the discussions to plenary. All 8 Competencies and the Code of Ethics will be discussed and explored using the live experiences, challenges and queries that these active coaches bring.

We will be using Open Space Technology which creates very fluid and dynamic conversations that are bound through participants mutual enthusiasm for the topic. It is good for harnessing the creativity that is stifled by more structured meetings. It works best when the work to be done is complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse and the passion for understanding is high.

We will specifically use the lens of all 8 newly defined competencies to reflect on our presence and growth as coaches in the conversations.