How many C's do you deliver?

Here at Rook Tree we are proud to align ourselves with great practice from elsewhere, especially when it is so relevant to our values.
Such an example is the NHS Improvement 6 C’s. This is how we think we line up:
1. Care
Care is the core of the NHS. It’s about delivering care that helps the individual person and improves the health of the whole community. Here at Rook Tree we care about how we work with you; coach you; inspire you, challenge you.
2. Compassion
Compassion is the basis of our relationships; treating you with empathy, respect and dignity.  It can also be described as intelligent kindness.
3. Competence
Competence means we bring a level of knowledge based on research, evidence and qualifications to all of our interactions with you, to meet your needs from coaching.
4. Communication
Communication is central to successful coaching relationships and to effective team working. Listening is central to what we say and do.
5. Courage
Courage enables us to do the right thing for the people we work with. It means we use our competence, personal strength and communication to challenge.  Courage is also needed by you, our coachees.  You need courage to innovate and challenge yourselves to new ways of thinking and working.
6. Commitment
Our commitment to the well-being of our clients is a cornerstone of what we do here at Rook Tree.
The challenge to you is this… how many C’s do you deliver?