£200m business growth accelerator programme goes live

Lesley from Rook Tree is pleased to have been selected as a business development coach to support the Growth Accelerator programme www.growthaccelerator.com.
The three-year programme has been devised to help up to 26,000 businesses with high-potential in England. News of the government’s latest initiative may be familiar to some, who have already heard about Business Coaching for Growth, the name by which it was previously known.
Growth Accelerator, which has already begun working with 500 companies, will focus on providing companies with coaching to ignite rapid growth and ensure long-term sustainability. In its first year, up to 6,000 growth companies will be able to access the service delivered by a consortium that contains one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms Grant Thornton, Oxford Innovation, Cambridge’s St John’s Innovation Centre, science and technology training consultancy Pera, and high-growth coaching services company Winning Pitch