Ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strain said Bowie.  How right? 
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At some point we all face change.  Hopefully it’s welcome, but sometimes it’s not.  How we deal with it is the measure of us all.  It might be facing the end of something we’ve known and loved, such as the dream job it took us most of our career to reach; or it might be the start of a new career adventure. 
In the English language, transitions are phrases or words used to connect one idea to the next.  In coaching we can use transitions as the actions we identify that will take us from one place or state of mind to another.
We all need a little help with perspective now and then.  Our Executive Coach, Lesley Cave is on hand and experienced in all kinds of transition.

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But if you feel you need to do a bit of your own research before sitting down with Lesley and working out your next steps, perhaps you would find this study by Robert Mitchell interesting.  Mitchell suggests that is book will help you “successfully navigate those inevitable changes and look forward to the rest of your life with confidence.”  While we could not possibly endorse such a claim, we can attest to the benefit of reading widely; and the more we read [and talk], hopefully, the more we understand what has been and the more we can plan for what will be.