Coach Supervision and Mentor Coaching has arrived!

Rook Tree is proud to announce that Lesley Cave has gained the Certificate in Coach Supervision and Mentor Coaching. 
This nationally recognised qualification extends Lesley’s coaching credentials and proves that Lesley really does practice what she preaches!
I am very comfortable that there is a clear distinction between coaching, mentor coaching and supervision, despite the overlaps that exist. My coaching honours my clients through the power of a pragmatic and productive conversation, based on vision, goals, and action. When my clients begin to understand themselves and their own actions they start to make choices about them and bring about the change they desire. In supervision, competencies of the coach play their part, but are not the sole focus of the work. The scope of supervision is much broader and takes on multiple dimensions of the coach’s practice. In mentor coaching the focus is absolutely on the competencies and the distinctions between each coaching qualification level.

I believe in role modelling best practices so I have a coach, a supervisor and a mentor coach. I take part in continuous education to ensure that I live up to my beliefs, and externally validate my coaching, mentor coaching and supervision practice.” Lesley Cave, 15 March 2014