Coaching Conversations in Leadership

OK. We’ve all had a month to get to grips with the New Year. We’ve kept to our New Year resolutions for a month [or so] and now it’s time to get focused on what we want to get out of 2015 and therefore what we must put in to it!

Here at Rook Tree our corporate New Year resolution is to deepen our effectiveness as coaches of leaders. So in 2015 we are putting our skills and experience into playing our part in making the emerging leaders of the NHS the very best they can be.  All of us at Rook Tree have been tied to the NHS for decades; it is in our DNA and we believe passionately in it. We are honoured to be part of the 2015 team delivering a leading post graduate education programme, successful completion of which will lead to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership; a joint award from the Universities of Birmingham and Manchester.  During our preparation we found Robert Hicks’ book to be a really useful reference to support coaching conversations in leadership.

Coaching as a Leadership Style: The Art and Science of Coaching Conversations for Healthcare Professionals

We find that it’s review expresses our views perfectly. “This book introduces a unique and practical coaching style as a way of interacting with colleagues, managing direct-reports, helping others solve problems, responding to change, making effective choices and developing professionally. It draws from four evidence-based models for interacting with others and facilitating change – solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and transactional analysis – and reframes them so that they are congruent with managerial and leadership terminology and provide a practical set of methods and tools for today’s healthcare leader.”

Whatever sector you work in we recommend you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule – perhaps in some of that often promised personal development time – and check it out and if you do work in the NHS or private healthcare sector, check out the Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership at the Universities of Birmingham and Manchester. See you there!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 15.33.43   Routledge (29 July 2013)
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