Coaching for NHS Leaders Masterclass

Lesley Cave, Rook Tree’s Executive Coach, is delighted to be co-delivering this masterclass for NHS Leaders.

Coaching is recognised by the NHS as a vital leadership competency, separate from training and mentoring. It is the key to driving changes in behaviour and the implementation of fundamental organisational changes that the NHS is being asked to make in exceptionally challenging times.

Return on investment (ROI) is critical in these times of economic austerity and no public sector organisation can afford to waste precious limited resources. The International Coach Federations (ICF) research has shown a 68% ROI from the perspective of individuals and an amazing 86% ROI from organisations purchasing coaching.
This coaching master class is made up of 3 days. In between your 2 classroom based days you will have a personal one to one coaching session with one of the coaches. The course enables you, as a leader, manager or key influencer, to build and tap into the skills, knowledge and abilities of those you work with. Coaching can help you work collaboratively with your team, your peers, suppliers and your patients, to ensure you deliver the optimal healthcare. Effective coaching delivered over time, can achieve 80% improved self-confidence, 73% improved relationships, 72% improved communications skills and a 67% improvement in a work life balance.

To secure your place please complete a booking form,
or call the enquiry line on 0844 824 6688

The Hallam, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ Wednesday 18th September 2013 & Wednesday 13th November 2013