Group and Team Coaching

Here at Rook Tree Coaching we believe in value for money. Therefore we offer a range of value added services.
Team Coaching: Individuals (Chairs / CEOs) of similar disciplines get together to learn from each other’s experiences. This can provide a powerful base of cross fertilisation of ideas, approaches and learning.
Group Coaching: Chairs or CEOs elect to join a programme of group coaching benefiting from the tools and techniques of coaching. This also results in cross fertilisation of ideas, approaches and learning.
Coach the Coaches: the introduction of a cascade method of ‘internal coaching’ whereby Chairs and or CEOs themselves become coaches and help spread the coaching ethos throughout their organisation.
Supervision for Coaches: on this framework and for internal coaches, thus providing support, performance monitoring and ethical challenge thereby upholding the standards and competence of coaches.
For those of you who like to read about the process before trying it, this book by ThoScreen Shot 2013-09-02 at 11.18.36rnton offers a new perspective on the subconscious and non-verbal processes through which people learn and communicate with each other in groups. Describing these processes in the context of modern organisational life, it provides practical advice about how to do group and team coaching. Introducing key concepts from psychology, group analysis and systems theory, Group and Team Coaching gives practical guidance on core areas of group coaching: team coaching, group supervision, action learning sets and other learning groups.  Casting new light on the ‘secret life’ of groups and teams, it discusses:

  • the invisible processes of group dynamics
  • pitfalls of group coaching and how to avoid them
  • how to design coaching interventions
  • common dilemmas
  • ethics and supervision

With many vignettes and case studies, Group and Team Coaching is essential reading for coaches who work with groups and teams.

Group and Team Coaching. The Essential Guide. C Thornton

Publication Date: 5 Mar 2010 | ISBN-10: 0415472288 | ISBN-13: 978-0415472289 | Edition: 1