How Lesley’s Coaching Helped Me

  • Enabling the reframing of my thinking and helping to formulate different approaches. This subsequently is assisting me to reach different conclusions, rather than following the same path to the usual destination.
  • Helping to break the cycle of non-productive thinking, attitude and perspective.
  • Assisting my awareness that internal obstacles can play as significant role as external ones, and that I have a responsibility to address them in order to affect positive personal change.
  • The importance of being proactive in affecting positive change instead of waiting for it to happen without personal investment.

A major factor that I feel negatively affects me is past experience limiting current and future capabilities. By utilising the tools above, I have begun to re-shape my thinking to enable myself to steer in a more positive direction, rather than allowing negative factors to dominate my onward journey. It is not easy, and I have found it very challenging at times, but by engaging with these techniques, it is assisting in lessening the impact of past negative experiences. This is with the intention of progressing rather than stalling, or indeed, moving backwards. Having these weapons in my arsenal against negative thought processes will hopefully ensure that positivity flourishes, rather than kept in the shade.