Rook Tree New Year Message

In such a busy world we are constantly challenged to keep moving forwards.  Achieve more goals.  Be more successful.  Manage more effectively.  External forces seem to drive us to be happier, healthier and wiser.  Here at Rook Tree we are no different.  We experience the same pressures from the media, employers, employees, family and friends; from those who’s aim it is to challenge constructively and from those who are driven by less attractive qualities.
But actually, now is a good time to stop, take a breath and reflect on the successes of 2013. You may not have achieved more in a conventional sense.  But you may have realised more on a personal level.  You may not have accepted more business challenges.  But you may have chosen to take some time for yourself and invest in your future.  All are successes and you should celebrate.  You have been moving forwards.  And so have we.  Here are the things we consider to be our successes in 2013.
Rook Tree retained prestigious coaching contracts, was accepted onto two national coaching contracts for UK Sport and secured a number of new private coaching clients.  In 2013 Lesley set the standard for the role of Director of Quality for an emerging CCG, led the audit of care provision of the elderly for another and was instrumental in the establishment of a new health related Community Interest Company.  She played a central role in a number of non-executive boards and Health Professions Council panels; squeezed a few more hours out of her day to undertake more professional development as a coaching supervisor and ran back and forth for her son’s first year at university.
Corporately, Rook Tree also had enormous success in 2013 supporting three charities, The RFU Injured Players Foundation, International Spinal Research Foundation and the NSPCC.  Lesley even confessed to a 50th birthday in order to gain more support for Rook Tree’s charitable endeavors (rather than birthday presents).  You will have noticed the absence of corporate Christmas cards this year too.  We know you won’t mind that we supported our charities instead, and saved a couple of our namesake trees.
With so much going on, Lesley finally accepted the need for some business support in 2013. A real success, as we all need some help sometimes! But finally and perhaps even more importantly, in such a busy world our real challenge to ourselves and to you is to ‘be here now’.