Rook Tree is very proud to announce it's association with UK Sport

Lesley Cave, Rook Tree founder and executive coach, is very proud to have been accepted onto the UK Sport Coaching Framework, specifically, the UK wide approach to Leadership’ framework for the provision of executive coaching services.
What UK sport have to say…

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 13.10.05“UK Sport works in partnership to lead sport in the UK to world-class success. Working in partnership with Home Country Sports Councils, UK Sport have developed a “UK wide approach to Leadership Development” which focuses on building the capacity, qualities and behaviours of Boards, Chairs and CEOs to create the very best led and governed National Governing Bodies and organisations within Sport.
As part of the ‘UK wide approach to Leadership Development’ selected Chairs and CEOs (or equivalent in Northern Ireland) of funded National Governing Bodies or partner organisations will be offered a Coach to support and progress their individual development whilst assisting the individuals to fulfill their potential.
An Executive Coach is someone with a breadth of skills and experience to help the person being Coached to gain greater insight and self-awareness, and to use this knowledge to unleash their potential and achieve sustained high performance.”