What sort of personal discipline do you have?

Such as…

before you go to sleep at night, do you think of 5 good things that happened in your day?

if you can’t say anything nice to say, do you say nothing?

do you begin with the end in mind (with obvious thanks to Covey)?

Here at Rook Tree we’re trying out The Four Agreements of Miguel Ruiz in our professional practice. Our coaching philosophy centres on our belief in human ability to achieve; on the power of proactive listening and a pragmatic and productive conversation based on vision, goals, truth and action.


In essence, our coaching is about people and people reaching their peak performance. To achieve this we try to…

  1. be impeccable with our words, saying what we mean thoughtfully and supportively
  2. we don’t take what others say and do personally. It’s all their choice
  3. we try not to make assumptions. It’s not always easy, the world works on the shorthand of assumption, but we try, and
  4. we always, always try our best