Spotlight on Rooktree Coaching

I have always admired the Cirque du Soleil – however I never thought I would have to tackle the equivalent! A cheeky little baby boy, a new senior role in my workplace, and a Masters from Cambridge to complete all at the same time.  Needless to say I felt like I was trying keeping an eye on all three without jeopardising the quality of care given to each.  I was up late nearly every night sometimes to until an imaginable hour, and then only to realise it was my turn to be on baby duty!
I met Lesley amidst the middle of all of this, and she has taught me different techniques and skills to tackle the different responsibilities within my life.  To be honest, I initially felt like I was too busy to even meet with Lesley as I felt that every minute of my time was too precious.  It was only after the first 3-4 sessions where I started realising the positive impact her sessions were having on me and how invaluable they were.  Lesley had given me the ability to reflect further upon my own work life balance and had shown me a variety of tools and techniques to use in tricky situations.   Her calming personality and professional demeanour is of the highest order and I am greatly appreciative of the coaching and the life skills she has given me.
I am confident to say I am a proud father of a hilariously entertaining young boy and am happy to say I will be graduating from Cambridge University this year alongside seeing positive and improving results in my work place.  Thank you Lesley!
Mr N Saran, Head of Sixth Form, Samuel Whitbread Community College