Testimonial – Rob

‘Lesley helped me grow the confidence to take action and review my career direction. I worked remotely over four sessions and although sceptical at being coached over the phone I found it suited me well and really sharpened some of my own ideas. Lesley was really easy to talk too and our coaching over the phone suited me better I feel as I was more open and honest with myself. We explored my career and some hang-ups I held about future progression and differing perceptions. Lesley’s gentle yet directed questions opened me up to aspects of my own beliefs I hadn’t recognised. At the end of each session we summarised our discussions and Lesley provided resources and signposted areas for me to investigate myself. We identified new opportunities outside my current work field and went as far as drawing up a plan of action for a future career move. I have since applied for several new opportunities and am very excited about a change in career.’
Rob Wise, Team Leader – Environment Management / Tideway and South London, Kent and South London, South East. Environment Agency