Added Value

Here at Rook Tree we are mindful [the other sort of mindful- Ed] of the need to provide added value from our services; and this is how we believe we do that
Rook Tree Coaching offers traditional individual face-to-face, telephone, Skype, teleconference and webinar coaching in addition to other flexible methods of coaching, such as:
Team or Group Coaching: for senior executives, chairs of boards of management and aspiring senior managers and directors, facilitated in learning from each others’ experiences, thereby providing a powerful base of shared learning of ideas, approaches and experiences.
Coach the Coaches: to cascade training to internal schemes of coaching whereby nominated individuals are trained in some coaching techniques to spread the coaching ethos and practivec throughout their organisation.
Coach Supervision: to provide support, performance monitoring and ethical challenge to uphold the standards and competence of coaches.
Mentor Coaching: to support coaches develop and prepare for accreditation.
Rook Tree Careers: provides leadership development, DiSC profiling and motivational interviewing skills; including transactional analysis (integration of elements of psychoanalytic, cognitive and humanist approaches), co-active coaching (connecting, collaborating, achieving clarity), NLP (connecting neurological processes with language and patterns of behaviour) and motivational interviewing, a technique to engage in a collaborative and evocative discussion between coach and coachee, doctor and patient, boardroom and shop floor. Rook Tree Careers empowers leaders to
► increase their impact
► motivate their teams
► communicate with impact
Rook Tree Consulting: also provides personnel for roles such as

  • Non-executive director
  • Executive mentor
  • Interim director